The Remodeled (Upgraded) Kitchen

The Bachelorette Pad Flip

In a matter of a few months, the kitchen took a trip from the past to the present. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of curse words, but, luckily, not a crazy amount of money. Kitchens and baths sell a house, so I definitely didn’t want any of the original disco era kitchen showing through.


I know, the kitchen was BAD. Really bad. It really had no redeeming qualities. I had my work more than cut out for me. I know that vintage is in, but this kitchen was just BAD vintage. I did all of the demo myself, which was quite fun.


I replaced the countertops, added new tile flooring, installed DIY backsplash, purchased new stainless steel appliances, replaced the vintage sink, installed new light fixtures, painted the walls, and added new cabinet hardware. Several months later, and the kitchen looks so much better!


I kept…

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All About Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock which contains dolomite, talc and magnesium. The main reason it is called so is because its surface feels just like a bar of soap. Geologically speaking, it is similar to marble which is a material that has been highly valued in people’s homes & buildings as far back as the Hellenistic period. But unlike marble, soapstone is much easier to take care of and cost a lot less as compared to marble surfaces.

Soapstone is scientifically known as steatite. Like diamond, marble and quartz, the material used to make soapstone is found deep below the earth’s surface. Here, it’s subject to heats and pressures of an unimaginable magnitude. It is under these pressures that soapstone is formed deep below the earth’s surface. The material which is used for making soapstone is usually extracted from quarries and geological formations that date back millions of years. And since the eastern side of North America is much older than the western part, it is no surprise that the largest quantities of soapstone in North America are found in New England, Quebec & the Maritime provinces.

This material is quite soft and relatively easy to handle. At the same point of time it is quite durable and can withstand a lot of abuse as well. It has been used as cookware for thousands of years and even for art. There are many elaborate sculptures in the southeastern part of India made from soapstone as well.

But why should anyone consider this material for your countertops? If you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen, you will definitely know the type of abuse that countertops go through. What’s more, getting out the tough stains can be quite a task. But soapstone is inert and therefore won’t react with any alkaline or acidic substances. This means that you do not have to worry about spilling anything on your soapstone countertop as all you have to do is wipe it off with a soft cloth to get rid of the stain.

Soapstone countertops are quite aesthetic as well. You could say it resembles marble or wood as well. It comes in quite a few colors won’t really have too much trouble finding a type of soapstone which blends with the decor or color scheme of your kitchen. With soapstone, you get durability, versatility and a unique type of beauty. So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking of changing something in your kitchen to give it a different look, then why not try soapstone countertops investigator.

Tips To Boost Your Home

What To Pay For Material And Installation

Enough time has finally here. Are you prepared to begin on all those redesigning? There is no time to get started. This post will help ease several of your anxiety about tackling your house improvement.What follows is a great set of tips to help you begin on increasing your home.

Give vinyl floor covering an attempt to eradicate any bubbles. As a result the surface flat again. Use a glue product which you purchase in syringes to complete the job.

If you want to redo your roof, choose white or some other light colored tiles or material. This could help you save quite a lot in your monthly heating and air conditioning bills.

Find a Countertop Installer on Angie’s List Think adding some solar panels on your own roof to get a home remodeling that will pay for itself. While they can cost a lot upfront, your electricity savings is likely to make your investment greater than…

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